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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Indo-Russian Multirole Transport Aircraft - representative illustrations [Photograph]

Artists impression of the aircraft to be developed jointly by India & Russia.

The Multirole Transport Aircraft [MTA] is a new generation of aircraft to be jointly developed by India & Russia to meet their own respective requirements & fulfil export orders. While primarily being developed as a military transport aircraft, a civilian transport version too is to be developed, both being powered by Russian powerplants.

"The aircraft will be designed for cargo / troop transportation; paradrop/air drop of supplies including ‘low altitude parachute extraction system’ and is to be co-developed by HAL and UAC, and Rosoboronexport of Russia, through a Joint Venture company."

- source

The conceptual illustrations below give an initial idea of how the aircraft would eventually look like.

  • In military camouflage pattern


  • Civilian transport variant


These pictures are displayed at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited's plant in Bangalore. Someone had photographed them during a visit.


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