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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Pakistan's former Ambassador to the United Nations threaten use of Nuclear weapons against America

Beyond comments, this is.

"Whatever its weaknesses, Pakistan will be compelled by national sentiment to respond to another US attack or intervention across its borders. A limited ‘engagement’ could escalate rapidly into wide-ranging hostilities. If, during such a crisis, Pakistan’s strategic command believes that the US military strike is aimed to capture or destroy its nuclear and delivery capabilities, it may feel compelled to use rather than lose these capabilities………

………The preceding analysis may be overblown. But responsible Pakistani policymakers cannot afford to dismiss the possibility that this analysis is close to the truth."

- Shame in Chicago

The gentleman in question was Pakistan's former Ambassador to the United Nations. He has been reported to the police by his American live-in girlfriend for physical assault [smashing her head against the wall] during his tenure at the U.N, a charge for which he escaped prosecution by claiming diplomatic immunity.


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