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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Indian Navy's Kolkata-Class Destroyer Hits The Waters [Image Of The Day] - [UPDATED: 2013.12.08]

Possibly the 1st such picture of the newest first in class Warship of the Indian Navy [IN] performing sea trials.

The IN's latest Guided Missile Destroyer, with stealth characteristics, INS Koltkata, is seen below in the open waters. With reports of the impending induction of this warship into Service, it is quite likely to be a genuine photo.

click on the image to view it in larger size



Successor to the indigenous Delhi-class Destroyers, the Kolkata-class, with its more advanced weaponry & Engineering, demonstrates a significant leap upwards in domestic ship-building capabilities, despite the more than year-long delay in its induction.


[UPDATE: 2013.12.08]: A higher-res scan of the above Kolkata-Class's picture. Click on it.




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