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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma, Indian Air Force [Video]

A freewheeling interview with India's only Space farer, till now.

Rakesh-Sharma-Ravish-Malhotra-Cosmonaut-Indiathey incorporated Yoga routines into their training regime, in preparation of their Space travel
Speaks about his early life, his selection, & subsequent training in the Soviet Union's Star City for his week-long stay aboard the Salyut-7, and some more. Very interesting. Comes across as one who is grounded, circumspect about his feat, knowing well the context of its occurrence - less Scientific, more Geo-political. This hush-hush mission, prior to the eventual announcement, was codenamed 'Project Pawan'. Carried with him, a Guitar too.
The Bartanian that the interviewer is, could not refrain himself from trying to goad Wing Commander Sharma with some unintelligent poverty porn query. Loved the way the good pilot hits it right out of the ground, with aplomb.