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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Fact: India Trains The 2nd Highest Number Of Afghanistan's Military Personnel

Playing its role towards building a peaceful, empowered neighbourhood, safeguarding flanks.


Indian Army Chief, General Bikram Singh, who is, presently, on an official visit to the United States of America, was honoured with the 'Legion of Merit' award, the 6th highest military honour in the U.S. Reporting the award ceremony, it was stated that, under Gen. Singh's tenure, India has risen to the second position in the number of Afghan National Security Forces it has trained, surpassing the European countries, whose military is currently based in Afghanistan.

"United States Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Ray Odierno and Gen. Bikram Singh, Indian Army Chief of Staff, stand by for the reading of orders for the Legion Of Merit during a Full Honors Ceremony in honor of Gen. Bikram Singh, Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va., on December 5, 2013. Gen. Bikram Singh helped the Indian Army to become the second largest trainer of Afghan national Security Forces following the United States."

- Indian Army Chief of Staff visits with Gen. Ray Odierno

As commendable as the distinction is, knowledge, without tools & resources, however, is knowledge that can't be utilised. After being rebuffed the first time, the Government of Afghanistan reiterated its requirement of India to provide it with military equipment & support needed to bolster Afghan security, fending off the onslaught from the Islamist Taliban militia, receiving state patronage from the neighbourhood. A stable Western sector & access to the Energy-rich Central Asian Republics [CAR], critical to India's economic growth, requires India to have a friendly & peaceful Afghanistan. Its time India stop pandering to the irrationals & step up resolutely to meet the challenge of protecting its interests.

Some more pictures of the award ceremony.

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