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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Siloo Manekshaw Visiting Soldiers Injured In The '71 War [Photograph]

Wife of India's, then, Chief of Army Staff General [later Field Marshal] Sam Manekshaw, visiting soldiers injured in the 1971 War for the liberation of Bangladesh.

A rare picture, as far as I can tell, of Mrs Siloo Manekshaw, that is available on the Internet.


Here, her husband, India's COAS during the war, General Manekshaw, interacts with a soldier who took on & killed 3 Pakistan Army soldiers, armed just with his Kukri. The General was always a firm believer in the Gorkha's bravery.


The three Service Chiefs in 1971 - General S. Manekshaw, Admiral S.M. Nanda & Air Chief Marshal P.C. Lal, flanking President V.V. Giri.



Trivia: Air Marshal P.C. Lal was the first Indian to go supersonic. He achieved this feat in France in 1954-55 when, as leader of the team to evaluate new aircrafts for acquisition, he flew the Mystere fighter. It was capable of flying supersonic in a dive. The IAF subsequently acquired 110 of these birds.


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