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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Vikramaditya Test-Fires Its Protective Decoy System [Video]

One of the on-board passive systems with which the Indian Navy's newest Aircraft Carrier can, presently, protect itself.



A fine video showing the Vikramaditya's PK-2 countermeasure system in action, lobbing decoys from its ZiF-121 launcher, during sea trials, prior to handing the Carrier over to India, earlier this month.

In absence any active [read, destructive] defensive systems fitted on the Aircraft Carrier, yet, it would have at its disposal these decoys & Electronic Countermeasures, besides possibly MANPADS as interim solution, with which, if need be, it would have to defend itself. Then gain, resorting to use of its own self-defence systems would constitute the worst case scenario. Any Carrier operates, surrounded by multiple Surface & Sub-surface Naval platforms, whose responsibility it is to ensure the safety & survivability of their 'Queen Bee'. Nevertheless, having integral active systems for protection is, undoubtedly, the way to go. One is looking forward to hearing news of the integration of the Indo-Israeli Barak-8 system, as reported, at the earliest.


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