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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Making His Bollywood Debut - A Serving British Military Officer - UPDATED [2013.11.23]



A British Air Force officer, currently in the country to attend the Staff Course at Wellington, will feature in a Bollywood movie,

During our time in Cochin we were asked to fill in as extras in a Bollywood Movie being filmed in a beach cafe - I will be signing autographs later!!!!

- I am a Bollywood Star!!

Quite like the English officer earlier, he too is maintaining a blog, chronicling his stay - "In the Footsteps of Ronnie", a title honouring the canine species. Courses at the Wellington-based Defence Services Staff College [DSSC] witness attendance of officers from multiple countries, each year, with whom India maintains friendly relations. Some of the participating officers can be seen here, in this pic, below. Couldn't quite identify the Officer, marked number 6, with certainty. Possibly Vietnamese. Do confirm, by commenting below.

click on the image to view it in larger size



UPDATE [2013.11.23]: The soldier, marked number 6, has been correctly identified, by the Gurus on BRF, as a Myanmarese officer, specifically belonging to its Yangon Regional Command. The insignia on his cap, more clearly visible in this picture, below, matches that of the Myanmar Army.


Much appreciation


Visible Esprit de corps among these Band of Brothers, coming together in India, from distant lands. These signs more pronounced in the video, of attendees of an earlier Course. The song is a 'Proof of Life Date'


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