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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Russians Paint The T-50 PAK-FA Fighter In All-New Colours

A never-before-seen paint job seen on the fifth prototype.

Spotters hanging outside Zhukovsky airbase were treated to an unusual sight of the T-50 PAK-FA, Russia's latest, concerted foray building fifth generation fighters. A departure from its normal patchwork of shades of grey, the fifth prototype to have joined the testing regimes has, instead, been painted in a dual-tone teal green & black. While the particular combination itself is commonly seen on RuAF aircrafts, taking a departure from convention, the teal green, that normally would be restricted to its underside, is also used to paint the upper portions of the aircraft. As a result when seen from top, against a similarly-coloured sky, the contours of the aircraft cast a totally different shape. That it looks extremely cool, goes without saying, but method to this decision?

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T-50-PAK-FA-055-Fifth-Gen-Fighter-Aircraft-Russia-01-RView the remaining pictures -

T-50-PAK-FA-055-Fifth-Gen-Fighter-Aircraft-Russia-02-RView the remaining pictures -
T-50-PAK-FA-055-Fifth-Gen-Fighter-Aircraft-Russia-03-RView the remaining pictures -

T-50-PAK-FA-055-Fifth-Gen-Fighter-Aircraft-Russia-04-RView the remaining pictures -


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