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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Indian Navy Kamov Ka-28 Lands On An US Navy Warship

Inter-operability & co-operative engagements undertaken in the recently concluded bi-lateral Naval Exercises.

It is one of those sights that would've been nearly unthinkable at the time of the helicopter's conception. Built by the Soviets to meet its Anti-Submarine Warfare [ASW] requirements, this Indian Navy-operated Kamov Ka-28 'Helix' helicopter, assigned to the Rajput-Class Destroyer, INS Ranvijay [D55], landed on the the decks of a contemporary Arleigh Burke-class US Navy Destroyer, USS McCampbell, during the recently held Malabar 2013 Naval Exercises.

Although such landings, and other collaborative exercises are quite a common part of the military engagement between the two nations, one can not help but marvel by the sight, in contrast, that they display, when captured on camera.

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via U.S. Navy


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