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Friday, March 14, 2008

Make site accessible without the www


In order to follow what I am explaining here, you would need to read my previous post first.

Configuring a Free Domain Name with your blog

Please read that before you read the following.

You have successfully configured your domain name with your blog hosted by Blogspot (Google). However, you will find that people will need to add the www to your address in order to access your site. This is especially true if you are using a free domain name registrar like or If someone makes the mistake of not adding the www to the url (site address), then in all likelihood, one would encounter a message in the browser window that would say "Server not found" or "Could not locate remote server", depending on the browser you are using (the only exception being Safari). If there could be a way to let people visit your site -, without having to add the www, then people would find it a lot more convenient to visit it (less letters to be typed in your site’s address), resulting in your blog becoming more accesible.

One solution to this problem is to employ the URL redirection method. A visitor types in and the person is automatically redirected to Of the many re-direction methods available, we will see how you can perform the redirection with HTTP status code 301 (301 redirect). The other redirection methods are often employed by phishing sites to run their scams. So a 301 redirect is the only one that search engines approve of. So in this post we shall see how to perform a 301 re-direct.

The idea behind this is that you assign your domain name (, in my case) to a host that allows 301 re-direction. Once this is done, you enable the 301 redirection so that requests for gets redirected to the subdomain, that is located on a different host (Blogspot). As a result any visitor trying to access my site by typing in will be automatically re-directed to my actual site He would thus be spared the trouble of punching the keyboard 4 times to visit my site (w-w-w and ’.’).

In order to do so, we would need a free web-hosting site that allows 301 redirects (I like to find ways of doing everything for FREE!!). One such hosting service is Signing up for their service is another complete no-brainer. You may check out their features here. Since axspace has offered you the use of the cpanel interface, your job of redirecting is extremely simple. When you first log into your cpanel interface it would look something like this.

(Click on the image to view a large sized image)

cpanel interface

If you scroll down, you will see an section title Domains. In that you would see a link titled Redirects.


Clicking on it will take you to the page where you can redirect your site to In my case, I select the Permanent (301) option from the drop down menu. For the domain name, I add the redirects to address as Once done click on the Add button.

(Click on the image to view a large sized image)

301 redirect

On clicking on the Add button you shall be taken to the page that will inform you that all requests for will be redirected to

(Click on the image to view a large sized image)


Clicking on the Go Back button will take you back to the page where you had entered the details. But now it will show you the list of redirected addresses in your account.

(Click on the image to view a large sized image)

redirect list

Your work in your Axspace control panel is over. You may safely log off.

Log into your EveryDNS account. In your domain records, add an A-Record, pointing to Axspace’s IP address -

add A-Record

Once you click on the Add Record button, your updated domain records would look like this.

domain records

(I have blanked out the unrelated domain records to prevent any confusion)

Wait for around 24 hours. Now when you would type in, you will be automatically redirected to

If you choose to do a 301 redirect using a Host that does not have a cpanel account interface, but allows you to modify the .htaccess file (Apache web servers), then you may add this piece of code to it.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

It too will do the same thing (just replace with the appropriate address).

If you got any query related to the post, feel free to drop in a comment. I shall try to address it to the best of my ability.

Further Reading

What do HTTP status codes mean? - An article from Google’s Webmaster Help Center

Status Code Definitions - Learn more about 3xx HTTP status codes

How to setup a 301 Redirect - This article will tell you about the different ways of performing a 301 redirect

Wkipedia entry about URL re-directions


  1. Hi,

    I have a full access without www.
    but with www. idont have access. any idea. I suppose that its the same thing to make work.


  2. Hi, :)
    Actually you can have two different sites at &
    (I had it till a few weeks back ;))

    In the last comment in the other post, you had said that you had created an A-record entry for

    Did you create another A-record entry for

    if not, then please do it. Use the same IP address that you had used for

    Hopefully that should solve your problem

    Regards :)

  3. hello friend, i followed ur advice, now email in google apps and are working. but is not working. when i type this address am getting different message in firefox web browser that is says that u did not deleted ur default cname( if i delete this cname would work or not? .pls email to: my blog url is is redirected thro

  4. Hi mecah,

    Well i do that when i wrote the post. so maybe should work fine the next days.

    Madhubalan. Just create another A Record whit the same ip. the CNAME will change to A so dont worry.

    Regards :)

  5. pablo cesar
    i hope your problem has been solved by now

    do what pablo has told you. just creat an A-reocrd pointing to your axspace IP address (i was given [delete d the CNAME record if not automatically deleted]

    after you have had created the above A-record, you can do another cool trick. log into your axspace cpanel

    go the the redirections section under Domain
    enable Wildcard redirect
    Take a look at this picture

    just replace with your desired domain name

    hopefully your problem should be solved


  6. hi mecah, both and are working just for i wrote A records and ip address of axspace two times and i wrote NS REcord, once. i registered another domain in ie and i wrote same A records, ip address and NS Records of axspace what i wrote for in axspace is redirected to i think i commited a mistake pls tell me whats that. with this setup both with or without www. would work for long time?.pls am seeking help from u

  7. am little confused . am seeing miracle bcoz my domain works with or without www.

  8. am little confused . am seeing miracle bcoz my domain works with or without www

    why are you confused? is it not working the way you wanted it to work?

    you say your site is now working with or without the www. you wanted it to be that way.
    Mission accomplished ;)

    delete the NS records of and from everyDNS

    it is not needed (only A-records are required). it may create problems in fututre.

  9. Hi, thanks again for all your help...I was just wondering, how can I point my domain to my webhost?...I am currently using everydns as my nameserver...and my webhost is 000webhosts...They said I need to point my domain to these nameservers before I can use the cpanel: - -

    How can I do that?...Thanks...Will appreciate any help that you can extend :)

  10. Hi Summerhale,
    I hope that this question is not related to your wordpress blog and account. Because if you point the same domain name to, then your re-direction that you had set up for your wordpress blog using axspace will cease to work.

    Having cleared that out, lets get back to the problem at hand. You may point your domain name from EveryDNS to 000webhosts, by simply adding an A-record in EveryDNS for that domain name. The value of the A-record must be the shared IP address that you were alloted when you registered with 000web (if not given, then you may mail them to seek the information). A couple of other 000webhost users who had commented here had similarly pointed their domain from everyDNS to the host at 000webhosts.

    Hopefully that should resolve your problem :)

  11. Wow, you're a genius! :)...Thanks a lot! I stopped using my 301 redirect...instead, I signed up on a webhost which installs I can use my own domain...I'm now figuring out how to manage it... thanks again, you're a big help to newbies like me :)

  12. Hi Summerhale,
    No probelmo ;)
    But a word of caution though. It is always best not to depend too much on these free web hosting services. It could stop functioning without notice and you will then be stranded with no blog.

    It is alright that you have started with this free web hosting service that alllows you to install WP. However around 6 months down the line if you find that your blog is becoming popular with many visitors dropping in, then I suggest that you consider investing a small amount of money on getting a paid web hosting service. It will ensure the reliability of your blog.
    Regards :)

  13. Yeah, thanks for the advice...I'll take note of that...I was actually planning to use a paid service before, but then I thought that since I'm still new to all these, I ought to try it out first... Well, thanks again :)

  14. hello friend i followed ur advice, now everything is working, thank u sooooooooooo much. ur posts r very excellent, informative. so i have included some of ur post in my google reader's shared items. to check visit my web, blogroll. am looking forward more informative posts from u, yes its already there, but need more. i have some quest about antivirus, i ask u later elobrately. keep ur good work going.

  15. Hi Summerhale,
    I am glad if you think my posts were of some help to you.
    Regards :)

    Hi Madhubalan,
    Thanks for linking my articles on your blog. I appreciate your gesture.
    Regards :)

  16. Hi mecah,

    Greetings from Canada! Normally I don't post on blogs but I just had to say a huge thank you for your very helpful information on getting rid of www for my domain. I've been pulling what's left of my hair out for days until I stumbled across your blog. So thanks!!

  17. Hi Shapen,
    I am glad that my post helped you.

    Regards :)

  18. Hey there, it's me again...ha, I'm having the same problems as Madhubalan's ...I can't access my site with the "www" I supposed to add an "A" record as well?...will that have any effect on my WP account?...Thanks :)

  19. Hello, it's now working :) yey!... I can now access my site with or without the "www"...I just followed what you said and created an A record at took some time to activate, but now, it's working...oh, by the way, I've linked your site to mine so that others can read your tutorials...:)

  20. LOL!!
    I got to read both your problem and solution comments at the same time just now. Due to some College work, I was unable to attend to the comments or spend much time online for the past week.

    I am glad you were able to solve your problem. I am also glad that you found my blog useful enough to put a link on your site.

    Regards :)

  21. Hi Mecah,

    I also did this part of your tutorial, and it's working now!

    However, it would be much better if I was able to totally remove the "www" from my site. Now, when I type, I just get redirected to but what I want is for the "www" not to appear in my address bar.

    I emailed about this and here's what they replied:
    You should ask your host provider about that.
    From my perspective, if you have configured A record for at your host side, you should configure A record without www.

    I have no idea what he told me there. Could you help me out here? Big thanks!

  22. Hi Len,
    Unfortunately with a blog hosted on blogspot, one cannot have a non-www url.

    In this post, you may have seen that I had asked you to create an A-record pointing to axspace.

    The meaning of this is that you are actually accessing site from where you are getting automatically redirected to

    If you had setup your blog at axspace then your site could have been without the www.

    Regards :)

  23. Hi Mecah,

    Could you teach me how to setup my blog in axspace? Sometimes, when I type in I don't get redirected to

    Do you mind me adding you to my online messenger list?

  24. Hi Len,
    It appears to me that you have setup your account in axspace correctly. I was able to acces your site by just typing

    The reason why you may be unable to do so ocassionally is because the axspace server might be facing downtime at that particular moment. I had faced the same problem a few times last month - but it usually starts working normally within an hour or so.

    At some point if you are unable to acces your site by typing just, then, assuming you are using windows, you could ping the axspace servers using command prompt


    if the server is facing downtime then you would be informed appropriately

    Hopefully this should solve your problem. If you continue to face problem let me know.

    Regards :)

  25. Hi Mecah,

    Thanks for the info, it is greatly appreciated.

    However I have one last question for you, I hope you don't mind.

    I think you also know stuff about PageRank. When my blog was still on blogspot, I had a PR 0 site, but now, I don't have a PR rating at all! My blog has been up for about a month and a half now, and I see it indexed in google's search results. Would you happen to know why I don't have a PR anymore?

  26. Hi Len,
    My blog took around 2 months to get a PR of 0 :). Anyway, since my blog is a personal blog, I am not unduly worried about PR

    PR depends on a variety of factors - not just weather Google has started indexing your site or not. One of the major factor it considers is weather your site's link appears on other high pageranked sites or not.

    An important method of improving your pagerank is to ensure that you sites url apears on the sites having high page rank (>4)

    You also might want to check out this article

    Improving Your PageRank

    so you might have to wait for anther month to get a PR

    If I am able to help you solve your problems, then it is my pleasure. I have absolutly no problem doing so.

    Regards :)

  27. Hi Mecah,

    You have been very helpful. Thanks for being nice too. I've learned a lot from you. Thanks you again.

    Best Regards,

  28. I have made my blog accesible without www, as you said . but instead appearing my blog, it comes "apache is working...... bla...bla.... I do not know any thing about it. can you give any suggestion?

  29. Hi Husnul,
    It appears to me that you have not enabled redirection properly. Plase take a good look at images 2, 3, 4 and 5 ad read the corresponding text carefull and do accordingly.

    Hopefully by following the instruction given your problem will be solved

    Regards :)

    P.S.: had been trying to respond ince the past 12 hours, but for some reasons google sites including blogger was not opening very fast or not opening at all. Sorry for the delay :)

  30. hi,
    thank u very much to helping me out. i can access my blog as site. i redirected through it axspace.

  31. Hi Mech,
    Can I add more than one domain in axspace and can I delete my earlier domain from axspace.
    i m creating blog in wordpress so plz tell me about link it with everydns or domain.
    do u know abt wordpress plz tell me about wordpress eg. adding button, pics, menus, drowndown button etc.

  32. Hi,

    Also i have a project which i created during course created in frontpage. how can i link as website. plz help me out.

  33. I have reset my Cpanel axspace like what U instructed, as in image 345. unfortunately "Great Success !
    Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server

    If you can see this page, then the people who manage this server have installed cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) which use the Apache Web server software and the Apache Interface to OpenSSL (mod_ssl) successfully. They now have to add content to this directory and replace this placeholder page, or else point the server at their real conten....." still in my blog when I access withought WWW. I stuck my head about this. can U help me more?

  34. Hi Rocky,
    If you want another domain name to open up the same site as before, then you can use the Parked Domains domain option.
    If you want a domain name to open up a subdomain of the original site, then you can use the Addon Domains option.
    By Wordpress, do you mean or If it is a blog you asking about then you will have to pay $15USD to enable domain mapping. You can do a simple re-direct though. I have discussed it in one of the comments above. Please go through it.
    Your site, that you created with Frontpage can be uploaded to your axspace account using its Frontpage extensions feature [will be found at the bottom of the cpanel]
    Regards :)

    Hi Husnul,
    I see that you have pointed to Have you been assigned this IP address for your site's account? To verify what shared IP address you have been assigned, please take a look at the email you recieved from them after you created the account. The subject of the email is probably Account Information. take a look at the part that reads

    Your new account information is:

    Domain Name: ''
    IP Address: (shared)
    Username: 'example'
    Password: PASSWORD

    Note down the IP address and then go to your EveryDNS account and replace your exisitng A-record with this one. don't forget to delete the old A-record before you add the new one. This ashould solve your problem and your site will be accessible with this, Let me know what happenend?

  35. how do i change the icon of my account. I have hosted on blogspot

  36. Hi Bharani,
    Take a look at this.
    Add Favicon icon to Blogger URL

    you can generate favicons out of any picture online itself

    favicon generator

    let me know if you face any problems

  37. thanks. i got that before itself. My question is how i put on website ? I have added this line to my blogger account and it shows up properly but not to the linked account

  38. what browser are you using?
    assuming you are a Windows user, it may not b visible in Internet Explorer. try opening your site in either Fitrefox or Opera.

    Btw i think you have already added my picture as your favicon on this blog

    Just replace this address that points to my favicon
    with the address where your favicon has been uploaded
    in your template code

  39. yup. just testing with your icon itself :)

    What i mean is this.

    I am testing in Firefox, it shows up correctly on visiting

    but when i visit

    the icon is that of

  40. Hi Bharani,
    That is because you have selected either the URL Forwarding or the Zone Records options in your control panel

    To get to use your own favicon you must use the Manage DNS option.

    Regards :)

  41. Finally I can access withought www. Thank a lot. U have helped me much. Btw I'd like to translate and adapt your articles, would U mind?

  42. Hi Husnul,
    I am glad that you were able to solve your problem.

    Well it appears that the blog post for which you are seeking permission has already been posted by you.

    Since it is not in English, I don't really mind it. But could you post a link to the English Version in the post (The actual post link, not just the link to my blog homepage).

    Regards :)

  43. hello mech

    I already told u that I have a site. and I submitted it on axspace. but this is showing I want to show it or not axspace.

    I want to submit my site and did it. but shown my blog. so I removed from and also blog : redirecting.

    I wanna know one thing I registered domain on then is there any setting to make or direct submit the site through axspace director.


  44. Hi Rocky,
    I did not understand your problem. Could you please elaborate?

    You can get only if you buy the domain name
    .com domain names are not available for free - you will have to buy it.

    As far as i remember your blog was hosted on blogspot. you were using axspace just for re-direction [301 re-direction]. If it is a problem related to 301 re-direction read his post carefully and also check out the update to his post that i have posted - you might find your answer in it. If not then you may ask me again.

    Regards :)

  45. Plz let me know from starting. I have a domain and also have a frontpage website and nothing else. plz let me know how can I submit my website on server.

  46. Hi Rocky,
    You might want to check this out.
    How do I upload with Front Page?

    Hope you find it useful.


  47. thanx for the guide me. I have publish my site through frontpage i.e.

    but when i am opening it, doesnt open it. Searching in google by, showing my old blog which i have been deleted. I dont want to show it, only wanna show my new as

    Cant it be done by entering


  48. Hi Rocky can be bought from for $9.99 USD and from for $9.29 USD.
    Only after you buy the domain name, will you be able use it as your domain name

    Regards :)

  49. ok thanx
    but now i have published the site then what to do plz help me out.
    dont mind, plz add me or for chat. also plz give me urs.


  50. Hello Mech

    I have published my site through frontpage using frontpage extension and deleted dns setting from also

    Am I to submit my site to directory on

    and other settings/task to do to me for visible my site on server.
    my domain is and published with subdomain i.e.

    Plz guide me.


  51. Hi Rocky

    .....deleted dns setting from also
    any reason why you deleted the everyDNS setting?

    Am I to submit my site to directory on
    by submitting you site into their directory, you get 100MB extra of space and your monthly bandwidth is increased to 2GB. It is not compulsory.

    my domain is and published with subdomain i.e.
    if you have registered with axspace, why are you using you can get full control using in your axspace account

    You also might want to contact the help in axspace. Since they have access to your account, they would find it easier and faster to pinpoint your problem and suggest solutions.

    P.S: It is Mecah not Mech :)


  52. hi,

    i have follow all steps u posted. But it appears as cpanel working page when i type my address( without the "www". yes, i've follow images 2,3,4,5 correctly.

    and When i type with "www" ( it appears as problem loading page from yahoo.

    any idea how to solve this? T_T

  53. hi again,

    hmm... it now can work with "www." but can't work without "www"... =S

    i check the ip, try enable and disable wildcard. tried ping too, but still can't get it redirect.. what's wrong? >_<

  54. Hi Riel,
    Assuming you have followed the instructions correctly, domain records take about 48 hours to take effect. Did you wait for 48 hours?

    Is your site still inaccessible without adding WWW

    I advise you to follow the above instructions including the updated instruction and wait for 48 hours before concluding. If it still doesnot work out feel free to ask. I would be glad to help.

    Regards :)

  55. hi mecah,

    it works now. Thanks a lot for your help. =D

  56. Hi Mecah,

    Could you please check

    I did everything according to your suggestions. Maybe I missed out something and now this url is leading me to a page of 'Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server'

  57. Hi Vishal,
    Your problem might have something to do with this.

    Do the needful and let me know if it worked out.

    Regards :)

  58. Hey Mecah,

    Thanks for the quick reply. My problem is resolved :).

    And to add, I did everything correct, except the domain registration @ AXSpace. I registered with '' instead of '', which was creating the redirection problem. Today, the AXSpace support has changed my domain to, and everything is now working fine. You may want to check it -

    Hope this will help other users as well.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful writeup. Keep writing...

    Vishal Gupta

  59. HiMecah

    Thanx for everytime replying me.
    but I m not getting to do it properly. somewhere is a mistake.

    Please brief me from first to submit my site on server.

    Plz help me out.

    I have a frontpage site and also domain.
    I have uploaded site through frontpage.

    I have an account on axspace.
    now what to do.


  60. Hi Vishal
    Glad to learn that your problem was solved :)

    Regards :)

    Hi Rocky,
    Do these things in each

    In control panel

    In EveryDNS control panel

    Add Two A-record for
    one for just
    and other for
    Use the IP address You have been assigned for creating the A-records.

    In axspace account

    Contact their Help
    and ask them to change your domain name from to They will do it for you. Wait 48 hours. This should solve your problems.

    Regards :)

  61. What is the benefit in this? because I am not familiar with this information. So I can't get it.

  62. Excellent tips. Really useful stuff .Never had an idea about this, will look for more of such informative posts from your side.. Good job...Keep it up


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