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Monday, January 23, 2012

Indian Air Force [IAF] SEPECAT Jaguar & MiG-21 fighter aircraft [photographs]


Had seen these photographs [below], earlier, on the Airliners website. But, as with all photographs there, they had been watermarked with their name. Not intrusive - tastefully done, unlike the hideousness some folks inflict upon pictures in their "possession"1. Nevertheless, the joy of seeing these beauties in their full glory, unblemished by any watermark, is a different treat altogether.


Therefore, was pleasantly surprised to discover that these pictures had been shared by the person who had shot them, without any watermarks, on Fighter Control, a wonderful forum were Military Aviation photographers & Aircraft Spotters participate.

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger-sized image

Indian Air Force's British-French-origin SEPECAT Jaguar Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft [DPSA]

SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-02 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-08
SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-04 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-05
SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-06 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-01
SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-07 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-09
SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-10 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-11
SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-12 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-13
SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-14 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-17
SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-16 SEPECAT-Jaguar-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-17

Indian Air Force's Russian-origin MiG-21 fighter aircraft.

MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-02 MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-06
MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-04 MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-01
MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-03 MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-05
MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-07 MiG-21-Indian-Air-Force-IAF-08

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image source: 01st

1 - Are they even allowed to watermark it, considering most of the pictures they receive originate from the government Press Information Bureau [P.I.B], as part of press release?