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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Play An IAF MiG-29 Pilot, Shoot Down PAF JF-17 Thunders

A computer game that pits India against pakistan in aerial warfare, along with a bunch of other games.


Came across this flash-based game, where you're an Indian Air Force [IAF] pilot flying the MiG-29B ‘Fulcrum’ fighter. Titled 'Invasion 2013', your mission is to take down the 'bandits', flying the JF-17 "Thunder", with the help of the 18 R-27 missiles you're carrying. You also have at your disposal a 'Brahmastra', a space-based laser weapon system that can be utilised once every session.

Can be played in the browser itself. The game, that wouldn't strain a 486, is a lot of fun, solely for its premise. Perfect for the few minutes of free time say, during coffee breaks. The site has some other, interesting, games including one, where the roles are sort-of reversed, putting you in the seats of a PAF aircraft, plus some Indo-pak war sim mods, among others. Appears to be the outcome of a individual's commendable initiative.

Games based on the Indian military are few and far in between, unlike their western American counterparts. The medium is an apt platform to reach out to a contemporary prospective recruit, a realisation that the IAF itself seems to have caught on to.


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