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Sunday, July 26, 2015

These Cool Videos Show IAF's Russian-origin Aircrafts Flying Over The Skies Of NATO Britain

"Anyone with an interest in military aircraft would have got quite a shock looking up and seeing a Russian jet over the skies of King’s Lynn."



Going by the chatter on web forums & news reports, one discerns a high level of interest & excitement in the Indian Air Forces' [IAF] on-going engagement with their British RAF counterparts as part of 'Exercise Indradhanush IV'. A major reason for this are the Russian-origin combat aircrafts in the IAF's inventory, that its taken along with it to the UK - 4 Sukhoi Su-30 MKI 'Flanker' fighters, plus an Ilyushin IL-78MKI 'Midas' air-to-air refuelling tanker.

Often characterised 'peerless' amongst contemporary, sub-5th-gen fighters, the 'Flanker', epitomising the best in Russian Engineering, so far, has long been an object of fascination & mystique to the West. This notion, especially amongst the common apdul, only gets reinforced upon seeing its elegant design & super-manoeuvrable flight displays at Airshows around the world. Of the numerous 'Flanker' variants the MKI, customised to Indian Air Force's specific requirements, involving integration of systems from the West, plus those developed indigenously, onto a Russian platform, is considered to be the most potent variant in large-scale active service.

So, when IAF decides to bring out its big guns, folks miss no opportunity to lap it up, capturing it for posterity.

Sukhoi Su-30MKI

Part 01

Part 02

Ilyushin Il-78MKI Mid Air Refuelling System [MARS]. Note, the distance this footage has been shot from.


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