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Saturday, July 25, 2015

1 Data - 2 Inferences, 180 Degrees Apart

In response to a query that an Indian Parliamentarian recently raised, the concerned Minister replied that ISRO had charged a total of  $17 Million USD plus €78.5 Million for the foreign satellites it has launched till now. Converting them all to Dollars, it comes to around $103 USD [€1 = $1.1 USD].

"Whopping" was the term people at ScoopWhoop, an Indian aspirant to BuzzFeed, have used to describe the news,

"ISRO has earned India over a whopping 600 Crore rupees (Rs 637.35 crore to be precise) or nearly a 100 million dollars by launching 45 foreign satellites into space"

The Huffingtonpost India, OTOH, calls it "peanuts". Polar opposite conclusions.

Frame of reference

A Crore of Rupees [$0.15 Million USD], today, holds great value for an average Indian individual - Kaun Banega Crorepati! Not so immense a value it is compared to the revenue generated by other, be it commercial, Space launch agencies, a fact the HuffingtonPost article states . The ScoopWhoop article, lacking appropriate reference point, perhaps, wants readers to simply use ones own perceptions as reference. Hence, natural reaction, "whopping"!


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