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Friday, July 03, 2020

Cockatoo Rubber-Coated Round Dumbbell - 30 Days Use Review

Note: The Post contains Affiliate URL.
  • Good Build Quality
  • True Weight
  • Ideal Dimension & Form Factor
  • Adequate Handlebar Grip
  • Bit Pricey
  • Deeper knurl pattern in the handle would've improved grip.
  • A good buy
The Lockdown had messed up the body. Sitting at home - reading, listening, binging, "chilling" manifested externally. It felt mushy, gained weight, lost muscle definition.
With the ensuing Lockdown relaxations, I ordered a pair of 10 Kg Dumbbells from Amazon.
Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbell - 06 Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbell - 05
  • The Cockatoo-branded Dumbbells weigh quite true. On the Scale, they show 9.95 Kg each. These weigh much truer than the ones, which some brand name franchisee Gyms have on their racks.
  • The build quality is good. No complaints. After working out with them for a month, 6 days a week, the joint between the handle & weights hasn't loosened. It claims, 'Built from a single mould'. So, it is not likely to happen, ever. The 34 mm diameter handlebar fits nicely in the palm of the hand.
Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbell - 02
  • One complaint, the knurl on the handle should have been deeper, by 0.5 to 0.75 mm. Would have allowed for better handgrip. The current knurl is adequate, providing sufficient traction. Deeper knurl pattern would have made it better.
  • The weight's dimensions are fine. It allows for full range of motion, especially while performing Overhead Triceps Extension. During no motion does the Dumbbell strike the body, while attempting full range.
Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbell - 03
  • At ₹6,499/= INR, it comes to ₹325/= INR per Kg - it's pricey. Given the build quality & trueness of weight, it's worth the investment.
  • If one is starting out, one could consider a set of sand-filled Dumbbells. They're a low-cost option to evaluate commitment. The one time I held it, though, wasn't appealed by it's balance & encountered relative motion. Still, some Weight Training, to begin, is infinitely better than no Weight Training, till the end.
Cockatoo Rubber Coated Round Dumbbell - 04
A single pair of Dumbbells wouldn't be the ideal way to go about. Each part of the body requires a different weight to stress it optimally. Still, some stress applied to the muscle is better than no stress applied. Ordering the 10 Kg set turned out to be just fine. Front Raises & Lateral Raises are proving to be quite a task. With a heavier pair, it wouldn't have been performable, today. They aren't sufficiently challenging the legs. To compensate, performing more sets, with greater reps.
There are some nice videos, demonstrating full body workout with a Dumbbell pair. You could get going with these &, with time & learning, adapt to suit your routine.
Critical though, build up a healthy sweat, stretch your muscles well, before you touch the 'Iron'.