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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Exercise Rudra Aakrosh of the Indian Army [Photographs]

Collection of pictures of an on-going military exercise being undertaken by the Indian Army.

The Indian Army's Western Command is currently undergoing its summer training. Named 'Exercise Rudra Aakrosh', its extent stretches from the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir to Punjab.

As part of the summer collective training manoeuvres, various formations of the Rising Star Corps comprising approximately twenty thousand soldiers, and a plethora of state of the art weapon systems are practicing manoeuvres by day and night under near war like conditions. The exercise envisages sustained manoeuvres, in an air land battle with complete integration of Air Force. The exercise aims to test the preparedness level of forces, as a part of the Integrated Theatre Battle. Employment of new age technology, new concepts, organisational structures and networked operations is also being validated.
Some pictures of the men & machine in action captured during the war games.
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Exercise Rudra Aakrosh - Indian Army []
Note: These photographs, probably part of the press kit handed out by the MoD, originally appeared on Livefist. It was, however, subsequently removed. But then, news agencies continue to carry them, albeit with their watermarks. As long as these pictures are available in the pubic domain elsewhere, sharing them here is fair game IMO.