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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Famous Indian Scientists [Weekend Reading]

While looking around for my previous post, I learnt that one of the people I mentioned had authored a book about few of the outstanding women Scientists in India. Lilavati's Daughters: The Women Scientists of India is a collection of essays of 100 such Indian Scientists that has been compiled and edited by renowned Physicist Dr. Rohini Godbole along with Ram Ramaswamy. While some of the essays are first person account, the others are in third person. A fine collection of writings.
An online version of the book has also been made available for reading, completely for free. Good move, I think, though if one can afford it, one must definitely buy the book to express appreciation & support for the cause. Very reasonably priced too - only Rs. 300 INR [~$ 6 USD]
A similar compilation of their male counterpart has been prepared by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research [T.I.F.R]. The booklet is titled 'Some Famous Indian Scientists'.