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Monday, July 25, 2011

On-Condition Maintenance of Aircrafts: An overview

Had been reading about the On-Condition Maintenance process over the weekend, since last week. Having read a fair amount of content, thought of putting what I've learnt and understood in writing, in order to consolidate what I've read about it. As my folks say, writing down what has been learnt improves learning & understanding.

While in College, I'd've shown this writing to a Professor, who'd then have pointed out mistakes, suggested changes & clarify doubts. However, in absence of being able to avail this facility, what with me being out of College now, I tried to understand and clean up my own mistakes to the best of my ability.

I also decided on giving the write-up a descriptive treatment, leaving out the statistical & mathematical computational models that play a great role in ensure the effectiveness of On-Condition Maintenance. The aim of the write-up, as suggested in the title is to give a first time reader a broad-based overview of the concept of OCM. If interested in learning more about the concept, the Internet beacons you all to jump on it to satisfy your curiosity :)

If you are a subject expert & have knowledge about this greater than I have been able to display, I'd be very happy if you could point out the mistakes & shortcomings that may have crept into this write-up.

You may get a quick idea of what On-Condition Maintenance [or Condition-based Maintenance] is all about by watching the following videos.

Use of Condition-based Maintenance [On-Condition Maintenance] in the U.S Military

Use of monitoring systems in On-Condition Maintenance [Condition-based Maintenance] programme