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Friday, July 01, 2011

Create a shortened URL without signing in or signing up

Had been using the URL shortner bookmarklet for long for posting to Twitter. Recently  discovered that the bookmarklet was no longer doing so & was instead creating shortened URLs, both URL shortening services being run by the same enterprise. From now onwards, in order to create a URL, one has to sign in into the service & only then would it be possible to do so - *hate* signing in anywhere & avoid it as far as possible.

Turns out, as of the time of posting, & URLs are inter-changeable, i.e, if you had created a shortened URL, then it is possible to shave off 2 more characters by simply replacing the by without any change in result. Critical, if one posts on twitter, where character real-estate is a premium. However, with growing number of URLs being shortened with their service, it may be just happen that they decide to turn & URLs unique. Until that time, no signing-in required to create a shortened URL.


Original shortened URL:

a URL created by replacing the


Was looking up something, when I came across this site still hosted on Geocities. Ran a Google search query & found out, as the URLs above indicated, around 60,000+ sites continue to remain hosted on Geocities. This does not count their service in Japan, which they continue to run. However, considering the fact that Yahoo! was supposed to have shutdown, it was indeed surprising to find these pages still there. Will try searching around for an answer. Some kind soul could cut short my work & save me some time by posting the answer, in the comments below, though.