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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Indian Navy & Air Force's MiG-29 aircrafts [hi-res photographs]

A collection of hi-resolution pictures of the variants of the MiG-29 aircrafts in operation with the Indian Navy & Indian Air Force.

The Indian Air Force [IAF] has been operation the MiG-29 aircrafts since the mid-80s, a purchase decision made in response to the Pakistan Air Force receiving, from the U.S, Lockheed Martin's F-16 multi-role combat aircraft [variants of which, received in the 90s, bore an uncanny resemblance to soybeans - shape-shifting technology anyone?!].

The Indian Navy [IN], on the other hand, has contracted RAC MiG to acquire 45 of these aircrafts for operating off its long delayed, not yet inducted Aircraft Carrier, INS Vikramaditya [formerly an Aircraft Cruiser Admiral Gorshkov, renamed from its original name Baku]. Hopefully no subsequent Aircraft Carrier it plans to build and operate [IAC-1&2] would carry them as the sole aircraft - successful induction of the Naval version of the Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] could see them operating in a hi-lo configuration alongside the MiG-29s.

The Indian Navy's MiG-29 are designated MiG-29K [single-seat] & MiG-29KUB [twin seat]

click on the thumbnails to view larger-sized pictures

20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-01 20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-09
20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-04-TN 20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-11
20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-10 20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-02-TN
20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-03-TN 20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-08
20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-13-TN 20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-12
20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-06-TN 20110727-Indian-Navy-MiG-29-K-MiG-29-KUB-07-TN

IAF has been operating the MiG-29 [single-seat] & the MiG-29 UB [twin-seater aircraft]. As part of an agreement signed between Indian & Russia, IAF's entire fleet of MiG-29s would be upgraded to match the standards & capabilities of the latest variant of the MiG-29, the MiG-29 SMT. The upgraded aircraft would be designated MiG-29UPG [single-seat] & MiG-29UPG UB [twin-seater].

click on the thumbnails to view larger-sized pictures

20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-01 20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-04
20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-06 20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-03
20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-02 20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-05
20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-07 20110727-Indian-Air-Force-MiG-29-UPG-09

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