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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Suggested reading for the weekend – 2010.01.02

Pragati - The National Interest Review If you haven’t heard of it already, then I’d most earnestly urge that you read Pragati. It is a free, online, monthly magazine brought out by The Indian National Interest portal. Going through various periodicals & websites for my daily hit of News, I can safely say that matters concerning India is most objectively & pragmatically covered by the magazine in an easy to assimilate manner. The best thing I like about the magazine, is that it does not adhere to or promote any particular ideology [left of centre, centrist, right of centre] & its more than ready to call spade a spade if saying so is in the greater interest of India – not something that could be said with conviction about other publications in the country.

Do make it a point to read the blogs that are part of The Indian National Interest portal, covering various spheres of India’s Interest [okay what else would a portal that calls itself “The Indian National Interest” cover :rolleyes:] – highly enriching experience.

The AcornPragmatic EuphonyVarmanThe Gold StandardRetributionsPolaris - The Broad Mind - Raja-Mandala

Another blog that used to appear under the NI umbrella but has now started its own portal – Offstumped. Have yet to come across another blog/portal that espouses the right of centre ideology with more sensibility & intelligence [except for the part covered by ZIM  just my VHO :)].

Another blog not under the Offstumped portal but belonging to one of the member –

If you so desire, you may also purchase the print version of the Pragati, they’ve recently started publishing – not a bad choice if you looking to subscribe to a new periodical.

Download link to the latest edition of Pragati [1.7 MB PDF]