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Friday, January 15, 2010

Disable comments in selective posts in Blogger [BlogSpot]

Please check this post - Disable comments in selective posts in Blogger [BlogSpot] - Update

I like using Blogger+Blogspot has my blog platform & host. Get to enjoy a host of features offered to me by the reliable Mountain View guys for absolutely no money at all [have never quite bothered to click on the Monetize button, something they strategically placed on my Blogger dashboard quite some time back ;) – ungrateful me]. As things stand no free blog platform & host, IMHO, is as feature-rich as Blogger+Blogspot is currently. However using the platform, on occasions, I tend to moan about the absence of certain features in Blogger [more often than not, after checking out a similar feature being offered on some other platform :)] that would make life SUPER. One such feature would be the ability to enable or disable comments to selective posts on the fly. Wordpress users it appears have it good as far as this feature is concerned as some kind soul has developed a plug-in to do just that.

Well, till the time somebody comes up with similar solution for Blogger, here is a kludge way to disable comments in selected posts in Blogger.

Take for example this post. As you can see here, you will not be able comment on that post [not that many people do anyway, even if comments are enable w/o even captchas, but that is a different issue ;)]. In order to do so, prior to making an new post, you must disable comments in you Blogger account. Then post the new content on to the blog.

Disable comments in selective posts in Blogger [Blogspot]

Once posted, you may enable comments again so that all the other posts on your blog can be commented upon. Not the most convenient way to go about it, but till someone comes up with a neater option, my way seem to be the only way ;). Would be nice if it could be done from within windows Live Writer itself [which, by the way, is the most awesomest blogging tool EVAR :)].

Please note: Comments once disabled can not be re-enabled for the post. Also you need to disable comments before you make the new post.