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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Disable comments in selective posts in Blogger [BlogSpot] - Update

It appears that either the Google guys introduced this feature on a date after I posted about it [possibly after reading about it on my blog :D] or I was just so plain careless that I did not notice it.

Any which way, as I found out there is indeed a feature in Blogger to selectively disable comments in specific posts as and when needed. It resides just underneath Blogger’s online Blog editor.

Enable/Disable Comments in selective posts in Blogger [BlogSpot]

No need to do anything I’d said last time. Wish that some kind soul create an add-on for Live Writer so that it may be done from within it.

P.S: Returned back to find that Blogger has messed with my Blog template. List of missing customizations:

  • Social Bookmarking widget missing
  • LinkWithin widget missing
  • Read more option missing (Blogger’s new Page break too not working with my template)

Work needs to be done.