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Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Military power coupled with economic power is required, to be considered as World Leaders"

Dr. V.K. Aatre, former Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister, Govt. of India.

VK-AatreFound this interesting booklet while arranging my cupboard today. Transcripts of a lecture Dr. Aatre delivered in 2005 at the Institute of Defence Scientists & Technologists [IDST]. What stands out in this talk is that, while he extols the virtues of Science & Technology in providing solutions to vexing problems, such as dispensing Insulin to Diabetics, he also strikes a cautionary note on some of the possible negativity associated with its pursuance, such as uncontrollable self-aware artificial beings, as also the "social dimension of science & technology". A view formed from accruing wisdom through experience.

As can be read from the transcript, he is also of the opinion that, "Defence Research is not going to play the dominant role it did in the second half of the last century". A matter of debate, IMHO, given the current global geo-political scenario, that is unlikely to differ widely in the future. Opinions will vary, but given the fact that this view comes from an individuals as well regarded as him, one must give it due consideration.


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