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Sunday, June 16, 2013

DRDO Lab Builds an Electric-Powered Motorcycle! [WTF]

Joining a long list of products, developed by the myriad of DRDO-run labs, totally unrelated to their mandate, is yet another product, the outcome of an exercise in irrelevance.

This motorcycle, that runs on electricity, was on display during the 2009 'Open Day' exhibitions of the Chennai-based Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment's [CVRDE]. Haven't quite been able to figure out as to what aspect of a "combat vehicle" does an electric motorcycle represent?

This, is also the answer to the question I posed in this post, which, unsurprisingly, received no correct answer. Who could have possibly imagined that a lab mandated to spearhead the country's efforts to develop a Battle Tank [MBT Arjun] spent time/resources building a motorcycle, instead.




via vedik

This by no means is the first of such logic defying ventures of the DRDO. Take, for example, this 100% terra-firma-bound Weapon Loading Trolley [Bheema-1000?!], developed by the Bengaluru-based Centre for Air Borne Systems [CABS].


How also does one explain their work in the extraction & preservation of Leh Berry juice, however good it may taste. Wouldn't one of the numerous labs run under the aegis of CSIR or ICAR, with mandate to conduct research for primarily civilian application, be a more relevant body to make fruit juices? Then there are the mosquito repellent cream [surely, coming up with an industrial-grade repellent couldn't have been out of the reach of a company that makes Odomos], creams to treat Leucoderma [a major condition affecting defence personals?], and so on, all developed by DRDO labs. A tragi-comic state of affairs the working of the unreformed DRDO is seen to be becoming.


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