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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Linkages [Suggested Reading]

A mixed bag of interesting topics to spend time on a weekend, reading.

"The actual countdown commenced at T-39 h for launch on 8 May 2003. Some of the major countdown activities included filling up of earth-storable propellant for strap-ons stages and the second stage, completion of pyro-arming, movement of Mobile Service Tower and filling up of the cryogenic propellant, etc. Automatic countdown by the computer commenced at T - 10 min during which phase more than 500 parameters got checked out. The final countdown went smoothly, without any ‘Hold’. The four liquid strap-ons were ignited at T - 4.8 s. After confirming that all the four engines attained the required thrust, the Launch Hold and Release Mechanism was withdrawn on command. The ignition of the core solid stage took place exactly at the opening of the launch window, as planned. The vehicle took-off majestically from the SDSC, SHAR launch base and after about 1013 s of flight, injected the GSAT-2 spacecraft into a GTO of 180.2 km × 36045.7 km at 19.25° inclination, once again demonstrating the country’s capability for launching communication spacecrafts into GTO."

"The indigenous CUS, with improved design of subsystems, provides a mass saving of nearly 300 kg over the existing CS procured from Russia."

Am looking to take up some sort of meditation. Any suggestions, based on personal experience, would be highly welcomed. You could contact me, or drop in a comment below.

"In their quest to bring “star power” to Earth, researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) have worked over the past 18 months to produce states of matter never before achieved in a laboratory setting. Using all 192 beams of the giant laser, experimenters are generating temperatures and densities inside an imploding, peppercorn-size capsule of frozen hydrogen isotopes (deuterium and tritium, or D-T) that when compressed to the diameter of a human hair will sustain fusion burn."

  • Collection of essays, from an Indian perspective, on the issue of Joint Operations involving all branches of the Armed Forces. They have been published by the Integrated Defence Staff of India

Jointness In The Defence Forces - Challenges And The Way Ahead - Mr. Shekar Dutt, then Defence Secretary, Govt of India

Thoughts On Joint Operations In Indian Context - Col. George Jacob

Paper On Synergy/Jointedness In The Armed Forces With Special Focus On Defence Intelligence - Brig. A.K. Bali


This tweet, IMO, is one of the most tongue-in-cheek, yet withering comment on the present-day UPA Government in India

While one may not agree with his/her views on all issues, his/her critique of the Congress party-lead Government & comments on the state of affairs of the Mainstream Media in India is absolutely hard-hitting & top-notch. Highly recommend that you follow this Twitter handle, if you haven't been doing so already - @barbarindian


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