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Sunday, March 17, 2013

As scathing & hurtful as the tone of this article is, there is great merit to what has been said in it,

"’s time we woke up to the fact that though we claim to have pride as Indians, we don’t have the courage to uphold it or fight for it, just like how while we claim to have come from a bi-zillion years of culture loaded with morals we ever so rarely display them."

"Now let us look at how the Italians have handled their marines. The day the marines were arrested, the Italian government made sure they got bail, they were put up in a guest house instead of jail, they were well-fed and of course in keeping with their Italian need for fashion, well-clothed and well-cooled with fancy sunglasses."

"Our leaders are so used to cutting deals and compromising within the nation and in corridors of power that they use the same methodology in international politics, embarrassing themselves and us."

- ‘India never had guts; so will never be glorious’