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Friday, February 01, 2013

India's Airborne Early Warning And Control [AEWAC] System In The Air [Photograph Of The Day]

An aerial picture showing the Embraer ERJ 145I aircraft, modified for DRDO's AEWACS programme, performing its maiden flight in Brazil

Seen here is the aircraft, on which is mounted a dummy Active Antenna Array Unit [AAAU]. Mounting the actual, indigenously developed AESA radar antenna is taking place in India. The small hump seen on top is to enable satellite communication. While the first airframe arrived on August 22, 2012, the second reached home in December 2012, whereas the third would fly in towards the end of 2013. The aircraft is expected to make its first public appearance in India, during the forthcoming Aero India 2013 air show.

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via airforce photos

DRDO recently confirmed receiving Government clearance to pursue the development of a bigger Airborne Warning and Control System [AWACS].


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