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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aerial Ad Warfare - JAS 39 Gripen & The Eurofighter Typhoon

Two ads released by the respective aircraft manufacturers - the Eurofighter Typhoon & Saab JAS 39 Gripen [NG].

  • The Eurofighter firing a 'Stormshadow'?! In what universe was this film shot? Realised the Typhoon has the ability to deploy what is called as a Towed Radar Decoy [TRD] to protect it from Radio Frequency [RF]-guided munitions.
  • The Gripen NG launches a RBS-15 missile to take out a bridge. While the Mk III version, of this originally Anti-Ship Missile, now also has land-attack capability, current open source information indicate that it presently exists only in a ship-launched configuration.

Manufacturer's efforts to pimp their wares, in a highly-competitive, rarefied market, have acquired ludicrous proportions [below], transgressing into the idiotic. Can only imagine BAE drawing the comparison with an eye on some of the richer African countries, as prospective customers, not very unlike the Israeli effort.




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