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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

India’s Nuclear history - initial years [collection of of documents]

A fine collection of documents have been made public recently by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses [IDSA]. These papers give one a rare & unique insight into the thinking, thought processes, challenges & other aspects of any ambitious venture that India had to overcome in the early years of its Nuclear programme. A treasure trove, particularly for a historian specialising in the history of Nuclear Science, & anybody with interest in India's programme, in general.

These documents have been released in association with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research [TIFR]. Most appropriate, since the seeds of India's Nuclear ambitions were sown & carefully nurtured within the hallowed portals of this institute, dating back to a time even before India gained her independence. It was only much later that centrally-funded Research institutes were set up across India to carry out the necessary tasks, and the centre of gravity of the programme shifted.

Access the documents here: IDSA's Nuclear History Project



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