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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

India's Upgraded MiG-29 Aircraft, the MiG-29UPG - first video

This, AFAIK, is the first video to have emerged, showing the upgraded MiG-29 fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force [IAF], now christened MiG-29UPG, in flight. This clip, released yesterday, was shot at the MAKS 2011 airshow held last year in Russia, where the aircraft was displayed.

Upgraded MiG-29 of the Indian Air Force [IAF], the MiG-29UPG

The entire fleet of IAF's MiG-29 aircrafts are to undergo a Mid-Life Upgrade [MLU], incorporating advanced avionics, an advanced variant [Phazotron Zhuk-ME] of its existing radar, along with the ability to fire newer weapons, among others. Maintenance process of the aircraft too is being revamped, transitioning to the On-Condition Maintenance programme. Up to six aircrafts would be upgraded in Russia, while work on the rest would be performed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [HAL] in India itself.

The aircraft is also to be fitted with an improved version of its current RD-33 engine, a series 3, as part of the MLU. India has signed a license agreement with Russia to build them locally in India.

source: KonstantinKhmelik


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