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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Download for Free an amazing book of wildlife photography [24 hour e-book giveaway]

20111218-Wildlife-Photography-Free-Download-01Budding photographers, perhaps even those who've bloomed, especially those interested in wildlife photography should find this bit of news very helpful. German wildlife photographer, Uwe Skrzypczak is giving away as a free download, a copy of his book, 'Wildlife photography: On Safari with Your DSLR: Equipment, Techniques, Workflow'.

I just finished downloading his e-book. I was actually hoping it would have lots of high-resolution photos of the wild [National Geographic-like], which was what primarily piqued my interest in the download. With my eye still nearly wholly shut, what with the spurious coffee I'm drinking, which I'm quite sure is just mud water, I missed reading the description of the book. This, as it turns out, was not so bad a thing to have happened, & not just because it is a free download. Quickly going through his book, I realised that the author has put in genuine efforts in writing it.


While the book is not a wildlife photo-book on lines of the ones published by National Geographic, reading this book & following its instructions will perhaps make you the kind of photographer whose pictures appear in the National Geographic. Photography enthusiasts should find it very useful.

In fact, the book has, among other, a beautifully shot picture of a lion cub with the lioness - very endearing.

You could download the free e-book from here [both English & German versions available].

This free download offer of his book offer would last only for a 24 hours. Folks living in India would be able to download it from 0430 hours on Sunday to 0430 hours on Monday. This is because in terms of GMT/UTC the offer is valid from 2300 hours Saturday to 2300 hours on Sunday.

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