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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Indian Navy Sea King Helicopter aboard US Naval Warship [Photograph]

Indian Navy Helicopter aboard US Warship
The Malabar series of Naval exercises are a yearly Naval engagement primarily involving participation by the Navies of India & the United States of America. Other countries who have been invited to participate in these exercises, up till now, include Japan, Australia & Singapore. The exercises this year were held in the month of April. Scheduled to be held off the coast of Okinawa in Japan, the situation arising at the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant, prompted a withdrawal of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force [Japanese Navy]. The exercises were held in the Philippine Sea.

Whatever be the merit, or lack of it, to their reaction, these exercise seem to be giving the Communists in China a lot of sleepless nights. It had even prompted them to issue demarches to the countries participating in these exercises.
These photographs show an Indian Navy Sea King Helicopter landing on the U.S. Navy warship, Naval Destroyer USS Stethem, that was one of the participating vessel from the U.S. side.
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Indian Navy Helicopter aboard US Warship Indian Navy Sea King Helicopter aboard USS Stethem
Indian Navy Sea King Helicopter aboard USS Stethem
It had been recently reported that the U.S. military has been recommending Yoga as a method of recuperation & rejuvenation. The U.S Army, when in India, in 2009, for the Yudh Abhyas-series of military exercises also practiced Yoga as part of the engagement. In fact, the September issue of Aerospace Safety magazine too had an article advising Air Force officers to take up Yoga & the associated benefited they would experience from it.
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