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Friday, March 18, 2011

India's Main Battle Tank [MBT] T-90 Wallpapers

Some pictures of the Russian-origin Main Battle Tank [MBT] the T-90, a derivative of the of the previous design iteration, the T-72, also operated by the Indian Army, that I use as my desktop wallpaper.

Click on the thumbnails to view larger-sized images


20110305-Indian-Army-Main-Battle-Tank-T-90-Wallpaper-01-TN 20110305-Indian-Army-Main-Battle-Tank-T-90-Wallpaper-03-TN
20110305-Indian-Army-Main-Battle-Tank-T-90-Wallpaper-04-TN 20110305-Indian-Army-Main-Battle-Tank-T-90-Wallpaper-05-TN
20110305-Indian-Army-Main-Battle-Tank-T-90-Wallpaper-06-TN 20110305-Indian-Army-Main-Battle-Tank-T-90-Wallpaper-08-TN

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