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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Read Engineering magazines and publications for free [reading suggestion]

As a practicing Engineer [you - the one with a Graduates degree in Production Engineering & employed in "the IT field" or worse an investment banker, are not one of them], reading trade magazines, publications & whitepapers are a good way of keeping oneself abreast of latest developments in the related Engineering field.

College library had a smallish collection of such trade publications relevant to Mechanical Engineering. With no more College to bunk attend, access to such magazines also no longer remains.

Just signed up for a few complimentary subscriptions at the TradePub site -

Their FAQ states that it would take 12 weeks for subscription to begin, if your request application is approved. Probably referring to hard copies - may send the digital copies sooner. Just guessing though. Also in most of the offers, people living outside USA & Canada are eligible to receive only digital copies - still a good deal IMO - if you get it, its free, if not, still lost nothing.

May have a higher probability of your request getting approved if you ask for the subscription in the form of digital copies.

Few magazines for which I requested a free digital subscription. Now waiting to see if they send something my way.

Motion System Design magazine Avionics Intelliegence magazine
Power Engineering International Product Design and development magazine

Google reveals more such sites. Will check out a few of them too.

Considering that they would offer you the subscription as part of their promotion campaign, you may just find your inbox getting flooded with their promo mails subsequently. To be on the safer side, create a new e-mail id and use it for applying for these subscriptions.