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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raju ban gaya Con man – seek your revenge

So you are po’d that while you are handed out crappy Sodexho coupons, he was buying land like no tomorrow. All that anger in you for being made to do the work of three people and yet receiving the salary of just one. While on the other hand Raju doing absolutely no work took home the salary of 6000 people.

Well you can take out all the anger by splattering his face with raw, rotten eggs – well not literally [duh!!] but at least in this online game created by someone who might just turn out to a frustrated [ex]Satyam employee.

Nail the thief is an online game where you get to throw eggs on the face of a randomly popping up face of Ramalinga Raju. The splattering sound made when the egg strikes the face is music :D

Nail the thief

Try out the game - its fun. If you one of the top 10 scorers, then you get your name displayed on the page showing how po’d you are with this con man Raju.


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