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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Engineering power behind NASCAR & Dragster races

Nascar Racing pit babes If you are an Auto fiend and an Engineer(-ing buff), then the articles published in this month’s Manufacturing Engineering magazine should be of interest to you. Published by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, these articles give a glimpse into the Engineering muscles flexed in order to make NASCAR & Dragster racings possible.

Going through the articles, realized that these guys make use some seriously bleeding-edge hardware to fabricate components used in these cars - PM-600 Cosmos five-axis MC, MCV 4020 VMC and the likes. Some of the Machine Tools deployed achieve tolerances measured in microns.

In spite of operating a setup having typically low volume production runs, the fact that the teams chose to make use of these Machine tools, speaks in no small terms about them.

Not only are they using cutting-edge machine tools, but the teams are also deploying ERP solutions to handle their inventory,logistics & production scheduling.

These races showcase the very best of Automotive Technology and team owners and suppliers employ the very best of Manufacturing Engineering to gain that competitive edge in performance.


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