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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Redefine English with Wordia – an online video dictionary [victionary]

Bungalow: A small, one-storey home built in a turn of the century style, often with a prominent front verandah.

Says who


Don’t agree with the definition of a word decided by some lingo scholar who hasn’t stepped out of the confines of his classroom in a millennium. No sweats. You now have the power to redefine the meaning of any word you want and announce it to the whole world, courtesy Wordia.

Combining the concept of the Urban Dictionary and Wiktionary and taking it one step ahead, Wordia infuses video into the task of re-defining/inventing words. The results are both quite amusing and, on occasions, more relevant than the more traditional version of dictionary.

If a word has been defined by more than one member, then the other videos are shown on a sidebar for you to select.

After viewing the video definition, you can rate it to indicate its relevancy and accuracy.

It would also be a good idea to impose a restriction on the duration of video, as a dictionary is supposed to provide you with a snappy and concise definition, not a long meandering sermon.

Being a relatively new service, the member count is expectedly low [most of the words defined were from people attending the Edinburgh festival,  probably asked to do so without prior intimation]

It is an interesting and potentially useful service started, provided they enforce strict quality controls on the videos being uploaded. A free online video dictionary, in my opinion, would be a much better way to learn words than the older text-based approach.

So if you have a word that need some re-defining or want to introduce your own concocted word to the world, go ahead and shoot yourself doing so and then share it with everyone on Wordia.