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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Multimedia Cess - For Platform-Independant Content Consumption

OTT Platforms - iPad - 01
The screenshot is of from iPad I occasionally borrow. Faced with a conundrum.
So numerous the OTT Platforms, onto where content creators can drop their creation. One that recently piqued my interest, the 'Rocket Boys' Web Series, for example, streams on 'Sony Liv'. There is nothing else on it that I look forward to watching. Subscription to it, therefore, is not a VFM proposition. Propensity to consume a pirated copy is strong. With the Internet pack that comes along with a purchase of potato chips, it is a convenient low-cost temptation.
An alternative to explore, add a flat nominal amount to the monthly fee paid to the Internet Service Provider [ISP]. Content Creators drops them across multiple ISPs. ISPs, to retain/garner clients signs-up to make it available on their network. Customers, having already paid for multimedia content in their monthly fee, watches them legally. This way, you pay only once a month, but you pay. Having spread out the income, through such micropayment of each ISP subscriber, creators can keep up earnings.
A shower thought. I personally have subscribed to Amazon Prime. For Rs. 999/= a year, not only does one get access to it's content library, you also get expedited shipping/priority shipping/"free shipping" of the goods you order off Amazon all year round. A good value proposition for me.