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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giving voice to India's Centre-Right aspirations [Shout-Out]

Two online portals striving to promote the Centre-Right argument in India.

  • Centre Right India [] - Wouldn't be incorrect to call it a pioneer as far being the first organised online community portal geared towards furthering the cause of the Centre-Right viewpoint in India is concerned. Started in 2010, it has some fine contributors & who have provided some incisive critique in response to a great many of the fiscally non-viable, populist, myopic leftists-influenced policies of the incumbent government. A great website.
  • Niti Central [] - The newest initiative to the Centre-Right viewpoint, that went online yesterday on the occasion of India's 65th Independence Day. Under the able Editorship of Kanchan Gupta, the portal has the best chance of success.

May genuine Centre-Right point of view take root amongst the people of India. Do also take a look at the websites listed under 'About India' section in my list of Favourite Sites.


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