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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

India moves resolution supporting People's Republic of China's admission into the United Nations [U.N.]

At the fifth session of the United Nations General Assembly held at Flushing Meadows in 1950, India introduced a resolution supporting entry of the Communist-ruled People's Republic of China [P.R.C] into the United Nations. This rare video clip, below, shows India's then permanent representative to the United Nations [U.N], Mr. B.N. Rau1 reading out the text in support of P.R.C.

The need for such a resolution arose as, until that time, a unified China was being represented by leadership of the Nationalist government headed by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. However, after the Chinese Civil War that ended in 1949-50, Chiang Kai-Shek and the government he was heading had to flee to the archipelago of islands, known today as Taiwan. As a result, the Communist Party of China [C.P.C], headed by Mao Zedong, came to control the vast expanse of the mainland China. Thus, taking into account the net territorial extent over which their writ ran, it was natural that the C.P.C-ruled People's Republic of China be considered as the natural successor of the previously united China.
There appears to be some sort of confusion here. While it is an undisputed fact that the resolution was adopted in the Fifth Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the President of the United Nations General Assembly at that session was Nasrollah Entezam & not General RĂ³mulo, as mentioned by the narrator in the video. Anyhow, the crux of the matter remains inviolate; India supported China at the United Nations.
On an unrelated note, India , today, is seeking support of member countries in becoming a permanent member of United Nations Security Council [UNSC], including the right to exercise veto powers as the rest of the permanent members.
1 - Benegal Narsing Rau


  1. India not only proposed in 1950, but followed it up at every conceivable opportunity in the UN because the Western powers were steadfastly not allowing a voting on it. India was a consistent supporter of China in the UN. India has been a consistent supporter of the Palestine cause too while the Islamic countries have been a consistent supporter of Pakistan. We do have a problem when we mix too much of morality with the practice of statecraft.


    1. Quite true, Sir. The path of Nehruvian idealism, that often defies pragmatism, followed by India, has only it earned it a notion of ethereal "respect" in the polite company of world leaders, that can't even be encashed for anything tangible

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. where moral and feel good utopian dreams trample over national interests, realism and respect... welcome to the great world of nehru-ghandhi stupidity


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