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Monday, February 06, 2012

INS Vikramaditya - India's Aircraft Carrier [new photographs]


Some new photos have 'emerged' showing India's latest Aircraft Carrier, the INS Vikramaditya, being rebuilt from the Soviet-era Aircraft Carrying Cruiser ship, the Admiral Gorshkov. Looks quite dramatic, seen against the pristine white snow-clad background with steam billowing from the sides.


Do check the remaining pictures at the photographer's blog, who visited the Sevmash Shipyard in Russia recently, where the Carrier is being re-built. India is expected to receive custody of the Carrier by the end of this year [December 2012]. Fingers crossed, twiddling thumbs.


Earlier: India's Aircraft Carrier INS Vikramaditya (Admiral Gorshkov) [Weekend viewing]

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  1. Very dramatic indeed. Resembles the steam engine train from the yesteryears coming into the station, & the hero/heroine stepping out with steam emerging out of the train's vents. How romantic


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