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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Suggested reading for the weekend – 2009.11.21

Did not read much this week, what with an exam on Monday :). But if you plan to spend your weekend reading on issues & challenges pertaining to India, then I’d suggest you take a look at the content available here.

Archives of the Bharat Rakshak Monitor and Security Research Review, 1999-Present

Has some of he most well-written, pointed, non-partisan, objective articles one can find. Am in the process of reading them & plan to read them all – an enlightening experience. Do read them too.

HAL’s Minsk Square Matters carries an interesting article about the activities of its Industrial Marine & Gas Turbine [IMGT] division. They are involved in working with Gas Turbines used for power generation & propulsion of marine vehicles. This is especially significant considering the fact that the Kaveri Engine, being developed to power the Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Tejas, is now being suitably adapted for powering ships. Also talked about converting Aero Engines for marine applications. Posting the article here. You may go through the full magazine here [PDF 4.8 MB].

Click on the picture to view a larger-sized image

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited - Minsk Square Matters

Was of some special interest to me as we got this Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion [GTJP] subject this semester :)


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