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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Resume YouTube video download after a computer shutdown or restart


Disclaimer/Warning: Downloading videos from YouTube may not be the most legal thing you could do on the InterWeb.

If you are using Free Download Manager [FDM] to download YouTube videos, then resuming downloading of the video may not be possible after you have shut down or restarted the computer.

Before shutting down [or re-starting] the computer, you may have first stopped the video download in FDM mid-way and then proceeded with the computer shutdown. On restarting the computer when you try to resume downloading of the video from YouTube, you find that download is no longer possible.

Downloading long videos from YouTube especially becomes a problem if you are unable to resume the download and have a slow Internet connection.

Solution: Instead of first stopping the video download before shutting down, let FDM continue downloading the video even as you shut down the computer. The next time you boot the computer and launch FDM, the YouTube video that was being downloaded will automatically resume its download from where it had left off.


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  1. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    If you give me the URL of your blog/site, then I could decide and let you know.
    Regards :)

  3. i can't resume while downloading youtube videos

    1. YouTube's video streaming method may have changed since then. Use FreeRapid Downloader. It allows you to resume downloading of YT videos along with a lot of other things

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  5. Instead of first stopping the video download before shutting down, let FDM continue downloading the video even as you shut down the computer

  6. Me too, I don't stop the process, I let my computer continue downloading the video even when I shut it down. When I turn it on again, it does not affect the download in any way. I just click on the download button and it continues. This is what I learned from my colleagues at a new job. It seems that this is a trifle, but when you really wanted to get this job, even went to to make your resume to be brilliant, even such small things are very pleasant.


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