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Monday, September 07, 2015

Amazon India - Buy India, Not Necessarily Indian

But kind enough to address the issue. Thank you.


Placed an order, recently, with Amazon India for a new SMPS, as the one currently powering my desktop went kaput. After going through reviews & careful consideration, zeroed in on the 'Corsair VS Series VS450 - 450 Watt SMPS' as replacement. Delivered it yesterday.


Dismayed to open the package & discover that the unit came with a power cable having 'Type G' plug, incompatible with Indian power outlet sockets - Type 'C', 'D' & 'M'. Dickinson. Took to Twitter, this morning, where they directed me to take up the matter through the URL provided. The person on the other side of the chat window offered to issue me a Gift Card so that I could purchase the necessary adapter. Went ahead & made the purchase. Very pleasant redressal experience, Amazon India.


Redressal notwithstanding, e-retailers ought to take steps to ensure stocking of Geo-specific goods. If that isn't possible, the product page must  clearly mention these incompatibilities, so that one can make an informed decision while purchasing. Would go a long way towards improving buyer's experience, more so as they get amplified online, especially if it is unsatisfactory. All the goodness of a Corsair product comes to nought if it can not be used.


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