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Saturday, August 03, 2013

DRDO Passes Off The Chinese JF-17 Aircraft As Own, While The Army Now Shows Off Its Own

Gaffe-prone institutions of India, serving the nation, committed to providing LULZ

Since the previous post, noted that the Indian Army Twitter account has replaced its header image with a more appropriate one. This too shows an artillery barrage from 130 mm guns, albeit fired by Indian Army soldiers operating the Soviet-era M-46, a license manufactured variant of which is the Chinese Type-59-1, seen earlier. Inevitable that that someone there too would have noticed the mix-up & taken this corrective measure, before the Indian MSM got wind of it. The picture it is presently using.


Providing continued hilarity is the DRDO. To announce its biennial Symposium on Applied Aerodynamics and Design of Aerospace Vehicles [SAROD] for the year 2013, it prepared this brochure, which, among other things highlights some of its products. Sitting pretty among them is China's JF-17 [also identified as FC-1] combat aircraft, developed as a low-cost product, by its Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation [CAC], to aid pakistan keep up its Air Force's fleet strength.

click on the image to view it in larger size


Brochures such as these are almost always contracted to be prepared by an outside DTP agency, but one would have expected the organising Government authorities, R&D labs, no less, to proof-read it before approving its public release. Sadly this hasn't happened. What is even more appalling is the fact that, as with every Meet of its nature, announcements are made up to a year in advance, especially if it includes a 'Call for Paper', as this one does. Downloaded the Brochure in the month of March, possibly uploaded much earlier. Yet in more than 4 months that has elapsed, no one seems to have bothered to correct it, as it still remains there, unchanged.

Speaking of the MSM, spotted the news of Indian Air Force commissioning a video game, reported yesterday. Blogged about it last week. Had earlier written about ISRO's decision to explore the possibility of buying satellites, which AFAIK, the MSM first reported two weeks later.


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