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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

SoundMagic earphones - poor build quality [hardware to avoid]

Avoid buying the Chinese brand SoundMagic's earphones - have poor build quality

Not that I expect a Chinese to do me any good*, but going through the plethora of online reviews fawning over & singing paeans about the "awesomeness" of the plugs, much against my & a few other's good senses, I decided to purchase a pair of SoundMagic's PL-11 in-ear canal headphones to go with my C3-00.

True to Chinese reputation, yesterday, in less than 3 months from the date of purchase, the ear phones stopped working. From the looks of it, the soldering that joins the wire from the earphones to the 3.5 mm jack seems to have gone kaput - twisting the wire near the jack brings out the sound occasionally. Awful build quality.

Solder in my SoundMagic Earphones that seem to have come undone - bad build quality

Should have bought some Skullcandy instead, which was what I had originally set out to buy, till I came across some reviews of the Sound Magic. Also true to no-namer Chinese brands, it cost less than half [close to one third, actually] of a corresponding Skull Candy. Got lured by the low price & online reviews into buying a much avoidable pair of earphones.

Am now back to listening to music using the default earphones, which not only throws out the tiniest, puniest sounding sound even at the highest volume level, but am quite sure whoever designed the plugs had bunked college the day they were teaching the class about ergonomics - no way do the ear phones stay put in my ears or whosoever else's who had tried them on. Whatever the case, Nokia has shipped the most awful pair of earphones with the C3-00 #epicfail.

Avoid buying SoundMagic's earphones - has extremely poor build quality.

OT: Playing songs on shuffle helps discover long lost songs not played in ages - now listening to some sweet music from the movie Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero - did not remember I had it on my HDD. The movie was made with the heart in the right place, except that it got a wee bit muddled in execution, especially the battle scenes. Catch it on the telly, though, if possible.