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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Tejas: the people & their pursuit (weekend reading)

India, this week issued the Release to Service certification [more commonly called Initial Operational Capability (IOC)] to the indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft, LCA Tejas, making it one amongst only around 8 eight countries to have been able to design, develop and operate its own combat aircraft. For a project that has had to face opposition at all stages of its development - both on the varied Technological front, political vested interests & lack of proper understanding amongst the decision-makers, the project having come this far is indeed a stupendous, near miraculous, achievement. Technology capabilities & knowledge data built up through the course of this project would go on to serve India's interest in the years to come, that would in turn add to knowledge and Technology gained till now - a cumulative effect.

India's Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Tejas

image courtesy Photoyogi

Some of the best articles capturing the trials & tribulations faced by the people involved in this project have been written by Defence journalist Anantha Krishnan Muralidharan Nair. His articles give us a brief glimpse into the works of the scores of Scientists, Engineers & Test pilots in India's R&D labs, most of whom would otherwise remain unknown outside their immediate circles, who have been working on the project with single-minded, dogged determination, overcoming Technological challenges, overlooking personal disadvantages, undeterred by naysayers & cynics, to help India realise its ambition of operating an indigenous combat aircraft - the path ahead remains long and torturous but so has been the path traversed.

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Some photographs from the IOC certification ceremony.

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