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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ZERO DAY: United States Air Force website hacked [defaced site]

The screenshot should tell you all - The United States Air Force had one its website defaced.

Click the picture to view a larger-sized image

Hacked & defaced website of United States Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals

By the time I got to the site, they had already restored the site. But Google still has the cache of the defaced page. Will be replaced after its next crawl of the page, so took a screenshot for posterity.

The website in question belongs to the United States Air Force's Court of Criminal Appeals. Ironical that your crime targeted a website dealing in crime.

The United States Cyber Command, with its annual budgetary allocation of $2 Billion USD [2008 figure] couldn't stop the exploit. Well at least they restored the site back to its pristine glory by the time I checked their site this evening. Also their main website was not harmed [at least from a visitor's perspective].

P.S: Is there any reason why the United States Armed Forces, with their multi-billion dollar budget and generations ahead jaw-dropping, eye-popping gizmos weapon systems does not do a 301 re-direct to take me to when I type in I instead get the site not found page when I type the latter [Using OpenDNS, get re-directed to their page].Same goes for the websites of the other branches too. The United States Marine Corps website is however the exception - automatically re-directs me to - wonder why? Genuinely curious.


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